Storm Wars is a free to play collectible card game, combining lightning-fast battles with deep deckbuilding strategy. The fully automated battles resolve as quickly as you wish to view them - so for fans of strategic card games, it's a whole new kind of rush!

Breakneck Battles.
A dash to the death.

Epic battles play out in under a minute!
Mark out your opponent and lead your hero and your custom army into battle; then watch the chaos as the carnage unfolds.


Deep Deckbuilding Strategy.
Unveil your master plan.

With over 150 unique cards to choose from, each with their own stats and special abilities, 12 powerful heroes and no deck building limits; the strategic possibilities are endless!


Immersive Solo Campaign.
Intense PvP.

Explore a detailed fantasy universe, populated with 6 distinct races, in an extended single-player campaign; or face off in ranked matches against opponents around the world in the Arena, participate in daily tournaments in the Gauntlet and engage in direct challenges with other online players.


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